April 18, 2017

Evening At the Ballpark


It was our first game of the 2017 season!  Truthfully, the Webmaster and I wanted to go far more than the kids did.  The older boys did a little whining about going.  But once we were there, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

At the ballgame

The evening was pleasant, but we knew it would get chilly.

Thumper and Ane

It was both Salute to Armed Forces Night and Jackie Robinson Day.

Armed Services Day

Our goal is always to keep the boys occupied (and possibly munching) so they don’t start begging for iPads.  Thumper really got into reading the numbers off the big screen in center field.  He told me every player’s number as they came up to bat.  It also helped that the game moved quickly.  We even got a flying visit from Auntie during the top of the ninth.

Auntie, Rerun, Tad

And we won!  5 to 0 over the Texas Rangers!  The boys declared that they’d had the best time EVER at the ballgame.

Once again, their parents were right.  We told them they would have a good time.

April 17, 2017

Easter Sunday 2017


Christ is risen!  We, on the other hand, rose a little late after going to a baseball game on Saturday.  (More on that tomorrow.)  But the kids moved relatively quickly and we were ready for church at a semi-appropriate time.

Easter morning 2017

Per our tradition, the Easter Bunny does not arrive until after church.  Tad attempted to leave a note for the Easter Bunny the same way that he leaves a note for Santa Claus, and was hoping for a reply.  I managed to shoot that down by pointing out that the Easter Bunny has paws, and can’t write.

The baskets were full, and the children were thrilled.


April 14, 2017

Flashback Friday


I guess we go to the zoo a lot.  It makes sense, seeing as we like to make the most out of our yearly memberships, but it’s a good thing the kids haven’t figured out that when Mom is out of ideas (or we aren’t taking a family vacation over spring break and Easter like we did three years ago) we just go to the zoo.

Facebook kindly reminded me of this by showing me pictures from 2012.

Ane, Tad and Rerun at the zoo

The kids were all still shorter than the plexiglass at the penguin exhibit.

And this is one of my most favorite pictures of Rerun at the zoo, ever.

Rerun and the penguin

I’m still going to be glad to send them all back to school on Monday!

April 13, 2017

Spring Zoo Day!


The weather has been terribly unpredictable lately, but our schedule allowed for a zoo day on Tuesday.  So, who cares about the weather?  We are all hardy waterproof Northwesterners!

And then the sun came out, and the day was quite nice.  The zoo was a little more crowded than usual.  Even the animals enjoyed the sunshine.

Thumper looks at the penguin

The kids always enjoy the zoo once we get there – and I had timed it so the first thing we did was lunch.  Then we started walking around.