A Little Introduction

Good morning, everyone!

Welcome to Deanna’s Corner, my weblog and place to rant and rave. I predict mostly rants.

For those of you who don’t know me very well, here are some fast facts:
– married nearly 5 years to the Webmaster (my husband, whose name is the website)
– full-time mommy to the Munchkin (our daughter, whose pictures are available on this site as well)
– expecting baby #2 in August (for those of you who didn’t know this, surprise!)
– Christian, conservative, and mostly Republican (if any of these offends you, don’t read this blog)
– science-fiction fan (some say fanatic)
– love rubber stamping and card-making (dabble only a little in scrapbooking), and cross-stitch
– do not interrupt me while I am reading; I won’t hear you

Lucky for me, the Munchkin takes good naps and also likes Sesame Street, which will allow me to write a little every day. I’ve got to use this journalism degree somehow!

Mostly I will be writing about family life, with the occasional political/media/social issue tidbit thrown in. Fridays, I will make a movie recommendation for the weekend. I will not blog on weekends, mostly because I have other things to do and the Webmaster likes to use the computer for work and maintenance on those days.

So, welcome to my world. I’m sure you’ll find it as wonderfully crazy as I do.

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