Life is precious

Baby #2 has been identified as a boy! Today we got a look at our son via an ultrasound at my doctor’s office. At 20 weeks, we could see a strong heartbeat, tiny little feet and hands, and an alien-like face staring back at us. In another 20 weeks, a real little boy will be laid in my arms.

Of course, the Munchkin was 4 days late, so it might be more than 20 weeks. I will have words with this kid if I end up being past my due date in the middle of summer.

The point is, he is REAL. He’s not just a part of my body – he grows and moves completely independent of me. He was a real person before I knew I was pregnant, before I felt any movement, and before I knew he was a boy. A real little baby. A new, precious little life. A gift from God.

I was pro-life before I was pregnant with my first baby. Now I don’t think there are really any excuses for abortion. If you have one, let me know.

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