For the weekend…

Ahh, Friday. The Munchkin loves weekends, because she gets her parents to herself. She usually also sees other family on Sundays at church, too.

I have decided to make movie recommendations on Fridays, so maybe people can take my suggestions and see them over the weekend. I will not give away plots, but I will be as specific as possible to who the movie will appeal to most. I will also not recommend a movie that I haven’t seen. Since I don’t get to the movie theaters much, most – if not all – of these movies will be available on VHS/DVD for rental from your local movie rental place or services like Netflix.

Right now, the Webmaster and I are loving the movie The Incredibles. It is a PG-rated computer animated film (for those of you who didn’t know), and it also won Best Animated Picture at the Oscars. I LOVE Pixar movies – haven’t seen a bad one yet. They always have good stories, fantastic imagery, and wonderful themes that even small children love. The Incredibles is such a good story – the family is excellently portrayed and the bickering between siblings sounds – um – familiar.

One caveat – it is PG, and there are some fairly intense action scenes. Any child over 4 should be just fine, unless they are really sensitive, but younger children may be a little weirded out by some of it. For example, we watched the movie with some good friends of ours and their two-and-a-half year old son said, “This is scary… bad robot!” Adults and older kids, however, will be laughing all the way through. Then, watch the animated short Jack-Jack Attack right after you see the movie (disc 2 on the DVD Special Edition). I laughed so hard I had tears streaming from my eyes. You will not be disappointed by this movie.

Everyone have a good weekend – I am going to relax and let my gums heal after my dental cleaning this morning. Maybe I’ll really make my dentist mad and get into the Easter candy my brother and sister-in-law sent from Germany. Mmmm…

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