I love eBay

Nothing is junk. Someone always wants it on eBay. It is a great comfort to pack rats like me who save everything in expectation that we might need it later. (My parents like to tell the story of me saving a broken glass in my closet. It was a favorite Care Bear drinking glass. I was seven and I couldn’t bear to throw it out. They discovered it when we moved the next year – it went straight to the garbage.)

The Webmaster has sold a few things on eBay, and so has my sister and brother-in-law, and the Webmaster has a cousin whose husband has his own eBay store, but me, myself – I haven’t sold anything on eBay. Yet. I have bought out-of-print books, china, silver, figurines, cross-stitch patterns, retired stamp sets, presents for people – I think about a quarter of the Christmas gifts we gave last year were from eBay. I have also bought hard-to-find DVDs – mostly Muppet Show.

eBay is wonderful because it is the epitome of capitalism. Supply and demand. A mostly self-regulating system of feedback. Picking and choosing who to buy from. Seeing the quality and quantity available. I really enjoy finding a good deal. The thrill of the bid. Keeping a eye on the bid and refreshing the page until the last seconds. The green check mark that says I’m the high bidder or that I’ve won the item. It can be very exciting. And for a domestic engineer at home, sometime the eBay thrill is a little too addictive. Maybe I need help. Oh, well, with Munchkin #2 on the way, I probably will not be awake enough to bid for a while. The Webmaster will be relieved, I’m sure.

One Response to “I love eBay”

  1. efish
    April 5th, 2005 13:39

    Yes, he is 😉