Monday – laundry day

In this household, Monday means laundry, and usually a lot of it. While loads do get run on other days of the week, the major needs (whites/lights and darks) and washed on Mondays, and if it’s not in the hamper, it doesn’t get washed. Of course, the Munchkin would be much happier taking things out of the hamper than putting things in (I’ve caught her running around with her father’s boxers around her neck like a cape), so I handle her laundry.

However, the weather around here has gotten so nice that it’s probably time to break out – ta da! – my laundry tree. It is a outdoor laundry line centered on one pole with lots of lines to hang wet clothes. Bring on the clothespins!

I like it for two reasons – one, even though the clothes dry stiffer and “crunchier” (as I used to say when I was a kid), they smell great. Two, it saves a bundle on electricity. And since I just paid our electricity bill this weekend (ouch), anything I can do to conserve power for this household is a good thing. Plus, if there has to be a hot summer, I will take advantage of it to the best of my abilities.

And a note to the Webmaster: if we save enough energy, it might balance out with our need for a portable A/C unit. Just a hint…

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