Why is he still in this??

Okay, I’m at a loss. Who on earth is watching “American Idol” and thinking that Scott is the one to vote for? Middle-aged, overweight men??

Last night, Constantine got voted out – with less and less people, it becomes a crap shoot every week and a favorite can disappear. Personally, Constantine made me slightly uncomfortable with his long smoldering pouts into the camera – I’m married, for crying out loud! – but everyone knows that with his looks and personality, and many, many teenage girl fans, he (and possibly his band) will get a record deal that will sell big to those teenage girls. So, don’t feel too sorry for him. At this point, nearly everyone on the show will get serious consideration for their own albums.

My big issue is Scott. I find him personally arrogant and unlikeable. He has none of Anthony’s easy charm and appeal (he’s got teenage girls voting for him, too, though I was certain that he would be the one to go when it came down to him and Constantine), or Bo’s super-cool rocker-hipness. The guys that have been voted out previously – Anwar and Nikko – had more personality and appeal than Scott. So, what gives? I’ll grant that he has an okay voice (when he stays on-key) but he’s played up this “I’m the underdog, I’m the everyman” crap so much that every normal person watching it should say enough is enough, already! Time to send him home to take care of the son that needs him around, since he didn’t bother to marry the mother.

And an update: Found the toy, and the Munchkin is probably the one who hid it, but she obviously didn’t miss it. But my sanity has been restored – for now.

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