I am not sophisticated enough, apparently

Yesterday, a good friend of mine took me along to a MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) fashion show at Nordstroms in Seattle. Northgate Mall, for those of you who know the area. Anyway, it was a very diverting look at clothes I can’t afford for me, clothes I can’t afford for the Munchkin, and a really yummy buffet of fruit and crackers and cheese. I stuck with the hard cheese, being pregnant. Friend went for seconds on the brie and goat cheese. She likes cheese.

Regardless, we were both kind of feeling, um, broke, when we started hearing the current price of fashion (as listed by Nordstroms). We know those jeans would look good on us – well, her; I am the not-quite-pregnant-enough-for-maternity-clothes-but-fat-enough-to-not-fit-in-my-normal-jeans one – but the cost of one pair (depending on the brand, anywhere from $48 to $158) had us saying to each other, “I wonder what we could get at Costco? Or Target? Or if we’re feeling good about our cash flow, Eddie Bauer Outlet?”

We’re not feeling good about our cash flow. The Webmaster and I have a circumcision to pay for in August for Munchkin #2 (covered by insurance, in theory, but we have to pay his deductible first – ack), and Friend and her husband are buying a house. So Friend bought a shirt with her prepaid fee credit (from the show) and then we escaped to other stores.

I like to look nice. I don’t want to be a frump – currently difficult in the fat stage of pregnancy, but I am trying. I would like to be able to afford $100 jeans that looked good on me. But there are so many other things I need, and then want, other than expensive jeans. First of all, I’d like to look more pregnant so I don’t just look like I’ve put on nine pounds (so far) for no good reason. There are still people at church who are just finding out that I’m pregnant! Then maybe I’d have a more positive self-image, not lust after expensive pieces of denim and cotton, and would not mind being as unsophisticated as I am. After that, I will dress the Munchkin in her one and only Tommy Girl dress so she can at least be the fashionable one. And no, I didn’t buy that for her – it was a baby gift.

Maybe I will find the jeans at the Nordstrom Rack in a year. Friend and I should make plans to go looking then.

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