I’m not getting to bed on time

The problem is not insomnia. I have no problem getting to sleep once I am in bed with the lights out and all tucked in. The problem is accomplishing all of that before some ungodly hour like 2 am.

In theory, if I am going to be able to function at Munchkin-speeds, I need my sleep. She usually gets 10 to 12 hours, depending on her mood and when she went to bed. And I will say this for her – she usually wakes up happy and ready to take on the day. Or kill the day, depending on how aggressive she’s feeling. I should just go to bed after she’s down. But somehow, I get sidetracked into projects that I can only do when she’s not bugging me, or involve sharp objects or small items that could be easily swallowed. Time is of the essence, and I am running out of it. Hence, the late nights.

Yesterday, during his sermon, our pastor noted that one study said that women who don’t have children have up to three months more free time each year than women with children. I am among the stay-at-home crowd, so I don’t have a job competing for my attention, but the truth is inescapable – without the Munchkin, I would have less laundry, less dishes, and less mess to clean up. We could take vacations, stay out late, and save more money.

Of course, I would also be working at a job that contained lots of stress, and not getting the hugs and kisses and affection that the Munchkin so freely gives. I would not be hearing her little voice saying “Mama, whazdat?” all the time. I would not get to see the mischief and spark in those blue eyes contemplate the next mess and potential chaos. I would not get to wipe away tears, give kisses, or snuggle.

I think I’ll take a little less sleep for all of that.

And one special note for today: happy birthday to my dear sister-in-law! I hope that you have had a fun day shopping in Bavaria.

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