All before 10 am

Fed the Munchkin breakfast. Changed the Munchkin’s diaper. Got the Webmaster comfortable (at home with upset stomach and other ills). Started load of diapers. Scrubbed out offending diaper pail with baking soda. Scrubbed out bathtub with baking soda. Scrubbed down suction bathmat with baking soda. Ate my own breakfast. Read newspaper.

Call me crazy, but last time I checked, I was six months pregnant. I must be in the nesting phase again. This is the wonderful part of pregnancy – past all the morning sickness crap that makes life not living unless it’s within arm’s reach of a toilet, and not yet to the roll-me-around stage that makes it impossible to bend over to do anything. I am in that active second trimester, where I can still carry loads of laundry and a Munchkin in one basket, make dinner and bake cookies at the same time, and have enough flexibility to scrub out a bathtub.

Time to change a diaper, move the wash to the dryer, and make sure the Webmaster is hydrated. Then hand him a book and turn on a CD for the Munchkin. Full day ahead!

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