Blame the Munchkin

If you tried checking the website earlier today or even late last night and couldn’t get to it, it was because a certain Munchkin with prying fingers turned off the server on which this website runs. She has done this before (sees the glowing green button and pushes) and since it doesn’t interfere with our normal web access, we sometimes don’t notice until later. The Webmaster and I present our apologies.

I am also blaming the Munchkin for a few other things around here – the toy mess, throwing food on the floor after meals, and getting into dirty laundry. To be fair, I will blame Munchkin #2 for ruining my figure after I lost all of the baby weight and more that I carried around with Munchkin #1. I will blame the Webmaster for passing along a slight cold to me that I can’t take medication for, due to Munchkin #2 cohabitating with me.

Oh, and the mess in the bedroom? That’s my fault. 🙂

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