The best-laid plans

A certain little Munchkin has set the timetable for today, and the timetable is crabby. This is not good. This makes certain difficulties apparent in the schedule.

First of all, she woke up far too early. Second, she kept waking up and yelling during the night. While her father can sleep through that, her mother cannot. Possessed with the hearing and nighttime senses of a bat, I jolt awake every single time she makes a sound loud enough to go through two doors and a hallway in between. So, my sleep was interrupted a few times last night by Munchkin #1. Munchkin #2 needed a little more space at 4 am and decided to sit on my bladder until I awoke to attend to him.

Third, she is in a feisty mood that consists of whining at me and sitting on my lap and grabbing at my hands as I type this blog entry. I sense a very long day ahead. I also sense a rearranging of our schedule to accomodate a longer nap. This will not sit well with other people. I shall refer all complaints to the Munchkin.

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