A little TV talk

‘American Idol’ is down to the final two, and I called it – Bo and Carrie. Now, they are guaranteed an album (though whoever wins will get to come out with one first), and Vonzell, who got voted out last night, is likely to have an album in the next year or so as well.

It’s a toss-up at this point as to who wins. Either one is fine with me, though I favor Carrie over Bo. It depends on how many teenage girls vote. And trust me, they will vote.

I have also been looking at the fall TV lineups that were just released and realized that with so many of my favorites leaving, I will spend even less time watching TV. This is good, since I will have Munchkin #2 to focus on. It leaves more time to watch baseball. Even the Munchkin likes baseball. We have gone to a few of my sister’s softball games, where we have much ado to keep her from running out onto the field. But she likes watching it on TV as well.

But I think that the less TV she sees right now, the better. She’s getting strangely conditioned whenever it goes on – runs to the couch and gets into a comfy spot and waits. It can be ‘The O’Reilly Factor’ and she’ll go and watch it for a while. So it’s time to cut back again.

Except we have to see who wins ‘American Idol.’

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