Sweet, sweet sleep

The Munchkin slept in until past 9 this morning. And there was much rejoicing.

Of course, the only reason she slept so late was that she woke up at 12:30 am crying, stuffed up and coughing. Poor baby. The Webmaster and I were still up and got some decongestants into her, a little sip of cold water, and made her really mad by using saline spray on her nose and suctioning out whatever we could get out. For some reason, I have not yet met a baby that was compliant with that course of action. Go figure.

Anyway, after all the doctoring up, a little cuddle time with Mommy was required, so we rocked in her room and listened to Veggie Tales’ Junior’s Bedtime Songs (as sung by Junior and his Mom) until the Munchkin could breath easily enough to get back to sleep. Then her mother went to sleep.

I have been having difficulty sleeping as of late – too warm, too cold, kicking off covers, can only sleep on my left side (due to baby), baby waking me up by squishing my bladder or kicking. But after tending to the Munchkin last night, I crashed and slept hard. And it felt good.

So, I have energy today – and good weather – so I’m going to hang diapers out on the line to dry, and maybe even bedsheets. The diaper pail is out there already, baking in the sunshine and killing all sorts of bacteria. So, in with my contacts, on with a little suncreen and a hat, and outside we will go for a bit. And then grocery shopping – I have a raincheck for milk at Albertsons’.

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