Hot weather and the Munchkin’s favorite movie

It may break 90 degrees today.

Okay, for those of you who have been to, say, Iraq, not a big deal. But add in a couple of factors for my benefit, okay? 1) This is Seattle, and 2) I am 28 weeks pregnant. I don’t like hot weather, and I am currently equipped with my own personal space heater named Munchkin #2.

The upside of this weather is that we save electricity. No lights on, clothes dry outside, and we drink lots of liquids to stay cool. If I can keep the fridge closed, we’ll be fine. The downside? IT’S HOT. And the Munchkin wants to go outside, and it’s just too warm and sunny to let her. YOU try telling her that. She had a royal temper tantrum about having to come in yesterday after hanging laundry outside.

As compensation, we watched her current favorite movie while her Daddy was at choir rehearsal. Jonah: A Veggie Tales Movie is great fun with plenty of in-jokes, Veggie jokes, and clean computer animation. The story of the relucant, “almost-digested” Old Testament prophet Jonah is retold to the characters by the Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything (and they’ve never been to Boston in the fall) to illustrate the importance of compassion and mercy. The songs are great, the Monty Python references are fun (fish-slapping), and even though the story ends on a strange note (based on the Biblical account, which also ends very abruptly), everything ends up all right in the end. The highlight of this 2 disc DVD release are the audio commentaries. There are three of them, but the best one is Larry and Mr. Lunt’s. Even kids will get a kick out of the weird and hilarious things they are talking about (hush puppies!), and adults will spend their time laughing hysterically. There are Easter Eggs on disc 2, along with making-of documentaries and editing bloopers, music videos, and the audio on the menus are a riot.

The movie is rated G, and may be slightly scary at a few moments for small children – especially when the whale swallows Jonah. He’s huge and yellow and doesn’t look like any whale on the planet, so that may offset the shock. But no blood, no guts (unless you count the pumpkin who gets the “slap of no return”) and nothing to make parents wince.

Go fish!

Go Mariners, too. Go back to batting practice. Poor Ryan Franklin. He deserves some run support. Thank goodness they’re out of Baltimore.

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