A Memorial Day moment

3 pm, wherever you are, is the designated time in all time zones to stop, remember, and thank God for our fallen soldiers. And thank a living one, if you can find one.

Speaking of a living soldier, my brother, now a 1st lieutenant (promotion finally went through, retroactive to before the Munchkin was born, which tells you how long the Army took to get this done!), called on Saturday morning (his Saturday evening) from his cell phone to give us a verbal postcard (having a great time, wish you were here, I’m rubbing this in your face) from France. He and his wife spent part of their Memorial Day weekend in Normandy, seeing the cemetary and the beaches, and then went to Paris (as he says, so they can say that they were there once). To be young, married, childless, and living in Europe. Sometimes, I think I might hate him. 🙂

A special thanks and blessings to those who have served our country honorably. And a hug to those who gave up their sons and fathers and brothers and husbands so that they could do their duty. As a Blue Star sister, I salute you. And to those of you with Gold Stars, you have my prayers and our country’s eternal gratitude.

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