Happy Little Munchkin

The Webmaster is burning up some vacation time this week (he’s got too much, if you can believe that – we’re too busy/poor to take a real vacation), so the Munchkin is enjoying having her Daddy home to harass. According to him, she gives a great shiatsu massage by standing on his back as he lies on the floor.

I am also enjoying it, because I get to sleep in a little bit more than usual. Munchkin #2 has been trying to make more room for himself recently, which involves a great deal of back pain. I should have taken some Tylenol last night, but was too tired to actually get up and get the pills out of the bathroom. I paid for it this morning. Everything from my hips to my lower back ached like mad. And I have a good mattress – Select Comfort air bed. But it was bad this morning. So the Webmaster took the Munchkin and fed her breakfast and watched Sesame Street with her, while I slept some more and let the Tylenol do its trick. Can’t take anything stronger, due to Munchkin #2.

When I finally got up, the Munchkin was clearly relishing all the extra attention from her Daddy. She is very attached to him and will cry if he leaves and she thinks he should stay. She has been known to pound on the door after he’s left, crying for “Da-da.” It is very sweet and pathetic. Yes, she does the same times ten when I leave. But this is not a contest. 🙂

Just a thought – if one little Munchkin can be made happy by extra time with Daddy, imagine what other little Munchkins with no Daddy feel like. Something to consider as Father’s Day approaches.

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