Back to the grind

This weekend was a nice, restful one, which I definitely needed after the hectic week that we had. Friday was a big day – my brother-in-law was commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the Army, and then we had a small open house party to celebrate. Add to the fact that Little Cousin, his and my sister’s newborn daughter, was also in attendance at both events, which made for even more excitement on both sides of the family.

So Saturday became my day to rest, blessedly rest. It felt good. It rained all day and the Munchkin played in a T-shirt all day, and the Webmaster was a trooper and just let me nap and handled her diapers and her meals. Somewhere, in all of the excitement, I had forgotten that I am still pregnant and needed a break. So it was nice to have one. Sunday was our typical day of going to church and playing in the nursery.

And now it is Monday, and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. The Munchkin is playing, laundry needs to get done, the Webmaster is at work with many things to do as vacation season gets started, and I am listening intently to Munchkin #2 as he kicks and twists. He has a future in martial arts. He will need it to survive living with his big sister.

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