Killing with kindness

The Munchkin is positively in love with Little Cousin. To her, Little Cousin is possibly the best toy ever: a living dolly. This has made for some very adorable moments, and also led me to consider buying full-body armor for infants who come to this house.

If the Munchkin had her way, she would get to hold Little Cousin. Ain’t happening. She gets to give hugs, kisses, and talk to her in Jawa/Ewok/gibberish very sincerely and say hello, but holding is out of the question. And sometimes, the kissing and hugging gets to be a bit much, too – I want Little Cousin to be able to breathe, after all.

My sister and I were speculating on whether or not Little Cousin would start to have an aversion to kisses due to the affection from the Munchkin. Most likely not, but now I am concerned about Munchkin #2. He may never get a moment’s peace from his big sister – and Little Cousin (much to the Munchkin’s dismay) gets to leave with her parents. He has to live here with this rambunctious, loving toddler who can’t restrain herself.

Interestingly, the Munchkin has been exposed recently to some smaller babies (not as young as Little Cousin, but a full year and more younger than the Munchkin) in the church nursery. She is interested, but not enamored. At least, she’s not insisting on smothering them with love, even when I am holding one of them. Maybe she is thinking of Little Cousin as a doll, and these other babies are awake and real. Although Little Cousin was awake last night and the Munchkin was not deterred at all. In fact, when Little Cousin started to cry, the Munchkin was quite indignant with my sister and myself – “She’s unhappy – someone FIX THIS!”

I hope that she is as positive about Munchkin #2. After all, he’s not going to leave at the end of the day. Hmmm…

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