What day is this?

Oh yes, Friday. A review. Ummm, I’m too busy to have actually watched anything decent/relevant recently in the realm of movies. But I will recommend a TV show DVD set – first time for everything, right?

The Webmaster and I love the show Scrubs. It is quite possibly one of the best-written half-hour shows on TV right now. And it is hilariously funny. The first season just came out on DVD last month (season 2 may show up on DVD as early as September), and season five will theoretically begin airing sometime next fall (NBC is on the record as saying they are holding it in reserve as a replacement for whichever crappy new show they come out with this fall fails first). The DVD is great. Lots of features, blooper reels, and some of the best shows (in my opinion) came out in the first season.

Caveats: Lots of sex. Must they all constantly sleep around? Exceptions are rare in this case. Also, not for kids. Some dealing with heavy subjects, like death and disease and life (as can be expected in a show set in an ICU), some mild profanity, lots of name-calling and dysfunction and innuendo.

But it is funny.

And after watching the M’s let the Phillies get one game out of their series last night in 13 innings (not funny: Sexson striking out with bases loaded in the bottom of the 8th), we could all use a little funny to lighten our moods. Offense, guys! Can’t say that the defense is much better (Jeremy Reed, are you listening??), but at least no one has tried to throw to first with no one there. Yet.

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