Cry me a river

My brother the 1st lieutenant emailed us last night, saying that summer has come, his allergy medication is finally kicking in, and there’s no air conditioning in their apartment, so all their fans are cranked up.

Sooo, summer has come to Germany, his allergies are being taken care of in Germany, there’s no air conditioning in their apartment in Germany, and their fans are keeping them cool in Germany.

I wish I was feeling that pain. Instead, I am carrying around my own personal space heater (Munchkin #2) and I can’t take him off until August, I can’t take medication for my allergies, and I don’t have air conditioning either, though the Webmaster says we are going to get some kind of portable unit so I don’t melt into a puddle this summer.

I am trying to empathize with him. Really. It’s just not working, though.

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