Breakers ahead!

No review today. Reason? Haven’t watched anything new. Or old. Nothing but Scrubs. I have heartburn and I’m not afraid to use it.

My children are trying to kill me. The Munchkin quite sincerely told me off in Jawa this morning, and then kissed me on the cheek. She did the same thing yesterday at the grocery store when I did not cough up her “ga-ca” fast enough from my purse. She is also learning the hard lesson that when Mommy is driving, she cannot hand you treats! Anyway, her current plan of assault is to play leap-frog over my ever-expanding belly and try to hit the large target I call her little brother.

And the baby? He’s giving me gas and heartburn. His sister is trying to kill me from the outside, and he’s trying to accomplish the same goal from the interior.

Thank you, blessed Lord God, for Sesame Street which allows me one hour of peace each day.

Back to the whole point of this post today… this weekend is not going to be a restful one. I have a smackdown between the Munchkin, the Brain, and Head scheduled for tomorrow as Friend and Doc get to move into their new home. Being too pregnant, I volunteered for kid duty instead of lifting heavy boxes. The Webmaster gets that privilege. I have help standing by – the Munchkin’s aunts – just in case. So, I will have 3 children (potentially 4 if Little Cousin shows up) under the age of three in the house tomorrow. I’d better stack up the Muppet Show DVDs within easy reach.

Everyone pray for us, please. 🙂

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