What was I watching?

I love Barnes and Noble online. Really. Ever since they gave members the 10 percent discount online, it has been great to shop there for one reason – order online, no sales tax. It’s a beautiful thing.

Anyway, I received my most recent order Wednesday, much to the delight of the Munchkin. I got one book, we are waiting for the Webmaster’s new birthday game (since that shipped separately), and the family got two new DVDs. Okay, be fair, they are the Munchkin’s domain. We got 2 new Veggie Tales episodes. And yes, she has now watched them both. I did manage to make it stretch out two days, but she loved them both.

For those of you out there who don’t know Veggie Tales, I’m sorry, but they are the greatest videos for kids out there right now. Witty, imaginative, computer-generated animation, tons of gags for adults, and decidedly Christian – I started collecting the videos long before I married the Webmaster and had the Munchkin. They are that much fun.

So we have the two most recent releases – Duke and the Great Pie War and Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson’s Hairbrush. I think I like Minnesota Cuke slightly better. It just came out this week – Duke has been out for a while, but we hadn’t gotten it yet.

Highlights from Duke: the theme is “loving your family.” The story of Miriam watching over Baby Moses (aptly played by Laura the Carrot), and the story of Ruth and Naomi are both re-told. Ruth’s story is placed in the context of another Veggie Tales episode, King George and the Ducky. Same lands, same pie war. This is a prequel. And we get a new girl character, Petunia, a rhubarb. She is fun and spunky and slightly klutzy, with beautiful red hair. She is also going to be the ongoing love interest for Larry the Cucumber (she’s the same height) and be the primary female lead from now on. There are other girl characters in the Veggie Tales world, but Laura and Annie the Scallion are both little girls, Esther will not be appearing again, according to the animators (they had too difficult a time rendering her hair, something they have solved in Petunia), Madame Blueberry has taken on the more “mature” roles – being mayor of Bumblyburg and the like, Ma Grape and Rosie Grape have not been seen in quite a while (Pa clearly being the most popular grape), and Mom Asparagus, while seen frequently, is quite happily married to Dad Asparagus and doesn’t have time to play Larry’s love interest.

That was more than people wanted to know, I’m sure.

Anyway, the DVD is fun, the Silly Song is “The Blues with Larry” – except that Larry is not sad enough to sing the blues.

Highlights from Minnesota Cuke: the theme is “dealing with bullies.” Junior Asparagus faces down a bully on the playground (with backup help from Laura, Annie, Percy Pea and Lil’ Pea), and then we have the “Indiana Jones”-inspired adventure of Minnesota Cuke. In order for any adult to get all the gags, you have to have seen Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. Larry plays the lead role, as an archaeologist on the hunt for artifacts for the Moose Lake Children’s Museum, with Bob as his loyal sidekick (via cell phone back in Moose Lake) and Petunia in the Marion role (she has her own malt shop – in Malta). I really liked this DVD, because adults will laugh just as much – if not more – than the kids. The Silly Song is up there with my favorites, too – a 50’s love ballad called “Pizza Angel.” Singing backup: peas with wings and halos floating on pizza slices.

I need to get out more. Watch the DVDs anyway. I hope that everyone has a wonderful 4th of July weekend, spends some time with family, and gives thanks for this nation that we are privileged to live in. And find a soldier to thank, while you’re at it.

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