Happy Fourth – please be safe

We live in a wonderful country with many freedoms. However, that does not give people the freedom to shoot off firecrackers all night, on days other than the Fourth, and allow them to stray onto other people’s yards. The Webmaster has already found spent casings on our lawn.

I don’t mind fireworks at all, but I just don’t want to have to clean up after other people’s messes. And why must people set off fireworks at noon on July 2nd? Annoying.

Everyone be safe – those are tightly packed explosives that should only be handled by sober adults.

And a special happy birthday wish to my brother-in-law, Little Cousin’s daddy. Born on the 4th of July, but I didn’t make him a “flag” cake for his 24th birthday – he got his favorite dessert, cheesecake. 🙂

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