A big fat rant

Target will be feeling my wrath very soon. It is on my list of things to do to write their corporate headquarters a very angry email.

In the ad this week, Target advertises Dreft laundry detergent at $8 for a 100 ounce liquid container. Dreft is a great product. It is baby-safe laundry detergent, and while the Munchkin can get along without it, I do wash our whites and diapers in it. With Munchkin #2 coming, we will need to keep on using it. So yesterday, I head off to Target with a list, Dreft being on it.

The Target in Woodinville is the one I shop at the most. So I circle the detergent aisle three times, looking to see where it should be. It might be sold out. Can’t even find a spot on the shelf for where it should be. I do the rest of my shopping and come back. No luck. I finally use a courtesy phone to get someone over to me to tell me where the Dreft is. I’ll give them this – the phone message promises someone within 60 seconds, and I did have someone there in that amount of time.

When I asked where the Dreft was, the poor guy started to explain that all the Targets in Washington state are no longer going to carry Dreft, as of about a month ago. I was seriously annoyed, because I had bought it about a month ago at the Lynnwood Target, when Little Cousin was born. I told the sales guy that, and he was surprised. But I was going to have no luck there. He apologized, and said that there was a note on the board where they post the ad about the Dreft. I checked the board. No such note or disclaimer.

So Target is in for it. They advertised an item that they aren’t selling, and have no substitute for it – they used to sell a Target-brand of Dreft, but that seems to have disappeared, too. I’m really annoyed. And the problem is, I like shopping at Target. I find it to be pretty well organized and they have good sales. They don’t always carry everything that I’d want, but most everything. And I really don’t like the Wal-Mart in Mill Creek. It is a constant zoo, and getting in and out of there is terrible, plus the fact that it is constantly overcrowded with stuff spilling out into every aisle. But I may have to look more carefully at their ads and arrange to go there once a month or so. Especially if Dreft is on sale. Or maybe I should shop at my local Fred Meyer, which is usually pretty good – although their shoe selection is somewhat lacking. I guess the point is that I do have options. I’ve just got to find a new, cheap one. And with Munchkin #2 coming soon, that I have to spend time doing that may be the most annoying thing of all.

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