Yellow and blue make green!

An amusing incident happened this weekend that had a couple people unrelated to the Munchkin very concerned. In the end, I’m going to blame her father for it. Just to warn you.

We had nursery duty during first service at our church yesterday morning. Now, during the summer, first service tends to be more packed, both with people actually in the service and with kids in classes and nursery. This summer is no exception, since Sunday School is being offered only during first service for kids kindergarten and up (pre-k and younger still have class second service) – so many parents come first service, the kids go to class and they go to the service, and then all go home after the service is over. I can’t help wishing that the adult Sunday School class (which was held first service) was continuing over the summer, but with summer camps and activities and our senior pastor on a sabbatical for the summer, we are having a trimmed-back summer. But that’s neither here nor there. We had nursery duty, and we had seven children in there being watched by the Webmaster (who is a real trooper when it comes to doing things like this) and myself. Only one of those children was actually under the age of one, so it wasn’t so bad – except for the crying domino effect. One kid starts to cry, another joins in… you get the picture.

Anyway, all of the seven kids except the Munchkin left after first service, which left the Munchkin with two very capable nursery workers (mother and daughter) who I have known for years. The Munchkin was eventually joined by one other baby, but that was it. The Webmaster and I enjoyed the service as a respite after corralling small children, plus I soothed Little Cousin back to sleep with her pacifier so her mommy and daddy wouldn’t have to take her out. Auntie has the magic touch… or is really, really boring. You make the call.

The Webmaster picked up the Munchkin after the service was over and was showed a diaper that contained kelly-green poop – bright, bright green (I didn’t see it, this was a disposable) according to him (he who is colorblind, but I had this corroborated). This from our daughter. It prompted concern from the nursery workers, but I brushed it off. She’d had split-pea soup recently, and you should see the color we get when – never mind, this post is already getting too graphic.

So, I really didn’t think much of it until the Webmaster changed her diaper again last evening, and I saw for myself the lovely blue-green color she had produced. And then I started to laugh, because I knew it wasn’t the soup. You see, I went to a stamp camp on Saturday night, hosted by my friend (who I will call Scrapbooking Mom, or Scrap-Mom for short for the purposes of this blog). She is married to college friend and former roommate of the Webmaster, Gaming Dad. They have 2 kids, girl (2 and a half) and boy (6 months). During the stamp camp, the Webmaster and Gaming Dad took all the kids to Baskin-Robbins for ice cream to keep them happy and out of our hair. Guess what flavor the little girls had? Blue Raspberry. The bright blue kind with plenty of food coloring.

It was quite a sight. We all had a good laugh, and the Webmaster has learned about mixing primary colors. And that when you go to Baskin-Robbins, it might be better to pick a different color of ice cream. Something that won’t stain lips, tongues, or diapers.

And with two Stampin’ Up orders out there for me, I am really looking forward to getting my stuff from the new catalog. 🙂 Just a side note for all the happy crafty people in cyberspace.

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