Here comes summer

I have to admit, this summer hasn’t been so bad yet. We’ve had a few hot days, and there was a recent run of very muggy weather (which I can’t stand – I’d rather have dry heat, which is why Tokyo in the summer is terrible – far too humid), but generally the weather has been pretty pleasant. I don’t mind rain in the summer – I don’t have to water my lawn, the temperature stays down, and I can sort of proceed with my normal routine, short of cookie baking.

If the weather forecasts come true, however, my ideal summer might be all over by this weekend. Predictions are out there for low 80’s temperatures. And before anyone says, “Oh, that’s not so bad, it gets to 100 or higher in (wherever you came from) during the summer,” I just have one thing to remind you of: I AM NEARLY EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT.

There’s something on the front of my body that I call my “personal space heater” and I can’t take it off just yet. It’s one of those unfortunate facts of pregnancy that a woman’s basal body temperature is higher than normal, due to more blood flow and more weight being carried around. While I managed to escape much of the summer discomfort last time around by being heavily pregnant in the winter and giving birth two days after Christmas, August is known to be smack in the middle of a Pacific Northwest summer. So we are headed into what will be much warmer weather to me than to the rest of you, and I’m not overly thrilled by it.

The Webmaster has done what he could to make me as comfortable as possible without breaking our budget: he bought a small A/C unit that he installed in our living room. It works pretty well for what we paid for it, and with a oscillating fan blowing air around the room at the same time, I think I can be pretty comfortable. It was either that, or I told the Webmaster I would be going to the mall quite frequently – with the checkbook.

So, my job is to stay well hydrated, gestate without too much exertion, and keep myself and the Munchkin cool. Speaking of which, it is definitely time to buy a wading pool for her.

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