Working ahead

I’m starting to run out of time. We are at T-minus less than 4 weeks, and I am starting to not be able to keep up with certain things physically. I’m not panicking… yet. The bag for the hospital is packed – except for my clothes and his diapers. I still need my clothes! I don’t have a full maternity wardrobe. Anyway, I’m getting prepared. Clothes are washed and in drawers, waiting to be worn – nothing smaller than 9 months is needed now, thanks to gifts and a generous loan of hand-me-downs from Friend (who likes cheese) – and while we still have to clean up the bedroom, that can even wait until after Munchkin #2 arrives. Although we will give it a shot – I don’t need the Christmas boxes still on the floor in there.

But there are other things I’m trying to do now, to prepare for later. Christmas shopping is in full swing. Christmas cards are in various stages of preparation. Baby announcements are partially constructed, and are uncomplicated enough that, with help from people who have already volunteered to do so, they will be ready to go in time. I am making birthday and anniversary cards ahead – if I’m lucky, through September – to keep up with all the special occasions that I like to note. I finished the backstitching on the baby sampler for the Munchkin last night and have only to finish the French knots and chart out and stitch her name and birthdate on it.

Still, I can feel the inevitable pressure of time slipping through my fingers, like watching the proverbial hourglass sand pour through the funnel of life. I was so prepared for the Munchkin that I literally was twiddling my thumbs after I left my job, waiting, until she was born. Even though it was Christmastime, I really had nothing to do except wait. And then she was 4 days late. It was very depressing. This time, though, I need every single day up to his due date, because I’m just not ready yet! On top of everything I would like to do, I have an active Munchkin to tend to, feed, clothe and change diapers for.

I’m trying not to get overwhelmed and to take help when I can get it. But the Webmaster says that Costco is out of sanity in bulk, unfortunately, and it is rare everywhere else. If you find any, let me know. I’ll be the one chugging water and folding laundry.

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