Tired, tired, tired

I don’t know who told the Munchkin this, but waking up at 1:30 am and then deciding to go back to sleep at 3 am does not a happy mommy make. Especially when Mommy has heartburn thanks to Munchkin #2. It was a rough night. Due to the fact that Munchkin #2 has dropped, I have the bladder capacity of an incontinent gerbil. So I get to wake up every three hours in the night to relieve myself. Add a cranky Munchkin to the mix and you can tell what a great night of sleep I got. Then she has the nerve to wake up before 9 and start yelling for me.

She is either cutting her 2 year old molars or she is trying to get me on a newborn sleep schedule for her baby brother.

Not that it matters, though. I’m still tired. But I did make French toast for the Munchkin’s breakfast this morning, and let her have syrup. Oh, I guess that should be freedom toast. 🙂 Whatever. She ate it all, and it wasn’t her usual yogurt and crackers or toast. And she kept her sticky fingers out of her hair. Thank God for small favors. Although a maple syurp smelling head isn’t so bad – just sticky.

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