Friday movie pick

I love Costco (despite their well-documented contributions to the DNC), and I love the fact that the Webmaster works right across the street from one and can literally walk there to pick up stuff for us – like milk and yogurt and giant boxes of baby wipes.

Recently, because of the 50th anniversary celebration in Disneyland, a whole bunch of classic Disney movies have been available for really great prices at Costco – Amazon is doing the same kind of promotion, with essentially the same movies. So the Webmaster and I decided to get a few, including what is possibly my favorite live-action Disney film, Pollyanna.

Set in the 1910’s, Pollyanna comes to small-town, USA, newly orphaned, to live with her extremely wealthy Aunt Polly (played with class by Jane Wyman), who sees the care of her niece as a duty, rather than investing time and attention in her (other than to see that she behaves herself properly in public). Pollyanna starts spreading her own “glad” philosophy among the townspeople – everyone from the town hermit, a raging hypochondriac, an orphan boy, the pastor of their church, and the servants in her aunt’s home. This was Hayley Mills’ first Disney movie – first of many – and most likely her best, right up there with The Parent Trap.

The movie is rated G, it runs a little long for kids (134 minutes, but you can’t imagine what you would cut out, and the movie is never boring), and it is perfectly wonderful for families. The Webmaster had actually never seen it before, and enjoyed it. Walt Disney had a vision of America that is sadly lacking in movies nowadays. The people are portrayed in this movie as churchgoing folk, we sit through two sermons, the pastor is not a raging psycho, Pollyanna sings ‘America the Beautiful’ in front of the whole town – it is truly classic. If a movie like this were made today, it would get ripped to shreds for not being “diverse” and for being “too overtly religious.”

And the movie industry wonders why the box office is in a slump? Go rent some older movies – or buy them – and see why. I’m so glad that I now have a really good DVD copy of this movie to keep and share with the Munchkin and Munchkin #2. I will be watching and reviewing more classic Disney movies in weeks to come, as we got several of the classics in their lovely, restored DVD editions.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. efish
    August 5th, 2005 05:08

    For the record, I would happy to miss any obligations for the birth of my child!