Wanted: sleep or Benadryl

What is it with the Munchkin and waking in the middle of the night? This is seeming to happen at least once a week, and now it has happened two nights in a row. 2 am seems to be the preferred waking time, with settling back down for sleep occuring between 3 and 3:30 am.

If she keeps this up, I’m going to have to find the Benadryl. This is throwing her whole day off – her meals are later, the naps are shorter, and things generally just aren’t as smooth around here.

And I would kind of like to sleep, too. It’s a nasty habit I picked up in the Far East (apologies to John Cleese for that line). But napping in front of the Munchkin is not possible – I’m liable to get brained with a book or a ball. The Munchkin has a mean fastball. She should talk to the Mariners.

I think we’re doing an early nap after our weekly lunch at Great Bachan’s today. Hold all my calls.

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