Toddler angst

He has eyes. A nose, a mouth, hands and feet.

And apparently, they all belong to the Munchkin to poke, prod, pull and pinch.

We are trying to be positive about her behavior – praising her for obeying, thanking her when she stops doing certain things – instead of just yelling “NO” continually. It has been a little more effective, but the angst continues.

I sat down and cuddled with her over the weekend and told her that I understood that it had only been a week, and that her Daddy and I understood that she was adjusting and that she was curious about the baby. Mostly, I want to reassure her that she is loved and we haven’t forgotten about her.

The flip side of that is that a certain young auntie is now her favorite person in the whole world. My youngest sister, a soon-to-be seventh-grader, is the one person in the world who she wants to play with all the time. Sometimes the Munchkin refuses to stop hugging her aunt because she knows if she lets go, Auntie will leave. We have had to pry her off, and there have been many tears. Fortunately, she calms down rather quickly once her auntie is out of sight.

So, the angst continues. It is getting better. And we are thankful that she will never remember any of this, anyway.

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