Kids 2, Parents 0

They are winning tonight – or should I say, this morning?

The Munchkin is teething with a vengeance. She woke up about a half-hour ago screaming her head off and clutching her mouth. She spiked a high temperature last night, so she has been on Tylenol and ibuprofen all day today. When she woke just now, her temperature felt pretty normal, but she definitely needed a cuddle. She is calm and lying down in her crib, half-asleep, but still awake enough to want her door open.

Baby Boy has had a hard time sleeping today. He was probably too warm for much of the day, but now he is wearing only one layer, has nursed recently, and is still wide awake and only wanting Mommy to hold him. He went into a screaming fit earlier out of the blue, and only calmed down once I was holding him and he could hear my voice trying to shush him. He is still wide awake.

The Webmaster and I are tired. He would be in bed, except that he has to do something for work at 3 am. The kids have won this round. Rack up the points and send us home, please.

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