The book that flushes!

The Webmaster’s mother is visiting/helping out here this week. She brought the Munchkin a new book – The Potty Book.

The Munchkin is succumbing to peer pressure. She has seen other, older kids – most notably the Brain – use the potty with success. The Munchkin calls it the “pobby.” Anyway, she likes to sit on it and feel like a big girl, and we praise her and she basks in the attention. She has actually peed in it once – she woke up dry from a nap and I set her on it. When she realized what was happening, she panicked a little. First time for everything. She stuck her hand in the stream and it came up wet, which made her whimper even more. I cleaned her up, helped her wash her hands, and lavished praise upon her for her accomplishment. And at 20 months old, using the potty is a big accomplishment.

So, Gramma gave her this book. It is a very simple book (for girls; I’m assuming that they have a boys’ version as well) about how using the potty is good (it’s icky to be dirty, it feels good to be clean), and how flushing the potty isn’t scary. To this end, the book has a sound chip. Press the button and hear the sound of a toilet flushing, followed by a little girl giggling with glee.

The bloody book flushes.

Naturally, the Munchkin was delighted with this feature and presses the button repeatedly to hear the flushing. Now, I understand the psychology behind this book, but did they have to make the sound so freakin’ loud???

Remember the toilet bowl cleaner 2000 Flushes? That’s what our house sounds like at the moment. I wonder how many flushes that sound chip is programmed for.

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