Here are a list of comments/conversations heard this week regarding the kids – or said by the Munchkin:

1) My mother: I think her hair is thickening up. It’s got more body today. (referring to the Munchkin)
Me: That might just be the peanut butter she rubbed in her hair at lunch.
My mother: Yeah, that might be it.

2) The Munchkin: (in the car as I turn on Michael Medved) No, BOB!!
Me: Okay, okay! (turns on a Veggie Tales sing-a-long tape)

3) Me: Munchkin, are you pooping?
The Munchkin : (eyes watering and squatting under the kitchen table) No. (Grunt)
Me: (trying not to laugh) Honey, are you okay?
The Munchkin: (Grunt) No.

4) Me: (at lunch at my grandmother’s with the kids and my Dad) What is that!?!?! (points at the Munchkin)
My father: (laughing) She stuck her hand in your bowl of chili.
The Munchkin: (wipes hand off on shirt) Hot.

5) Me: (picking up a fussy Baby Boy) Do you have a bubble that needs to come up?
Baby Boy: (loud belch)
Me: Yup, that was it.
Baby Boy: (spits up all over my shoulder, missing the burp cloth)
Me: Thank you very much.

6) Me: (in the Munchkin’s room after her nap) Do you want to come out?
The Munchkin: (sitting in her crib) No.
Me: Do you want to watch Veggie Tales?
The Munchkin: (stands up with arms outstretched) Okay.

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