To watch or not to watch

I’ve got to make up my mind. The Webmaster says he doesn’t care, so I guess that the decision has fallen to me. So the question is: do I care enough about “ER” to watch another season of it?

With so many of my old favorites having gone away or into syndication (“Raymond” and “Enterprise” this last year), I haven’t felt a drive to really replace them with new shows. But I have a hard time letting go of the shows that I’m used to watching. So therein lies my “ER” quandry. I have pretty much given up all “Law and Order” shows (because I can catch the reruns all the time) and with “Scrubs” in limbo until something on NBC tanks enough for it to come back (and they won’t be putting it on hiatus like this again because it earned Emmy nominations), all I’ve got left is “American Chopper” and “Battlestar Galactica” (which is going on a break until January after next week – yes, the Webmaster got me hooked on it, drat him! I still love the original series, though) and the Food Network.

“ER”, over the last few years, has really annoyed me, and yet I keep watching it. I’m waiting for someone to have a functional relationship without a pregnancy, annoying kid, drug addiction, or running off to Africa. And I don’t want a politically correct homosexual relationship – been there, done that, and they killed off the recurring character to make another political statement about gay adoptions. In short, everyone is messed up, and if they aren’t, then they get sucked in by the weirdness of everyone else. Real ERs are NOT like this. The dysfunction is so pronounced and over the top that it just turns me off. But it’s like watching a train wreck – who is going to screw up this week?

If I watch the season premiere, that will be it – I’ll be hooked in for the rest of the season. This sucks. I used to have more willpower when it came to this show – I didn’t watch it for the first several seasons and I missed a chunk of time years ago because I was busy going to college and planning my wedding. I have a bad feeling that I’m going to watch it – after all, I’m up at odd hours feeding a baby and need something to distract myself. He kind of needs me to be awake to feed him.

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