The best-laid plans of moms and men…

I have been trying to get Baby Boy’s sleep schedule fixed. However, he kind of took matters into his own hands. After a couple nights of being up all night, he then followed that up with being up for nearly all of one morning and afternoon, and then took a four-hour nap into the evening. Last night was pretty good! He woke for his feedings and then fell back asleep. I would reward him with something, but he’s too little. I can only hope and pray that he keeps this up.

However, just as his sleep is becoming more predictable, his sister decides to change hers. The Munchkin used to wake up regularly at about 9 am. On Sunday, though, we woke her at 8 am to get ready for church. Since then, she has been getting herself up at 8. This has necessitated a bedtime adjustment of one hour earlier so she can get the sleep she needs.

The upshot of this is that the kids wake up at essentially the same time in the morning. This makes things slightly more complicated, since they both want to eat at the same time. Fortunately, the Webmaster is able to get the Munchkin started on breakfast while I nurse the baby.

And at some point, I get to eat breakfast. If I haven’t fallen asleep in front of Sesame Street. There are days where sleep is just more important than food.

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