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I was reading another favorite blog, Busymom.net, which I highly recommend and enjoy, and this is what she was up to today. Seeing as how today is my birthday, I thought it would be fun to do this as well.

Ten Years Ago…
It was my senior year in high school (yes, I’m coming up to that big 10 year reunion next summer). My friends gave me a few birthday presents, so did my family, none of which I can remember at the moment. I remember being very engaged in the Mariners’ 1995 Refuse to Lose season – they won that day, which, according to my memory of the last 10 years, makes them something like 8 and 2 on my birthday.

Five Years Ago…
I was a newlywed, the Webmaster and I were living in our first home – a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment less than 5 miles from where we live now. I was just starting my last quarter at the University of Washington to finish up my Japanese degree – I’d already finished all the requirements for my Communications degree. I only had two classes, but one was early in the morning and one was at 4 pm, so my work schedule was very messed up. For that birthday, the Webmaster took me out to dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse – the one and only time we’ve gone (to date, anyway).

One Year Ago…
The Munchkin was nine months old and just about to take her first steps later that week (right into my arms), and we went out to dinner at Red Robin with Friend, Doc, the Brain and Head, because Doc’s birthday and mine are only six days (and four years) apart and we both had free birthday burger coupons to use. Friend and Doc gave me a stamp set for my birthday. I had the mushroom burger and the Munchkin had baby food and a taste of my birthday sundae.

I had no idea that the Munchkin would start throwing up at 7:30 pm and continue until 11:30. She threw up 4 times in 2 hours, and then once later. She also refused to go to sleep unless I cuddled and rocked her. She was definitely trying to manipulate the situation. She had to cry some of it out before I went in and rubbed her back and she fell asleep. Sick or not, she’s become a pain in the neck to get settled down for bed – but we are still off the bottle. Baby Boy slept pretty well last night, and is going back to sleep right after eating.

5 Songs I know all the words to…
Holy, Holy, Holy (sang it to the Munchkin last night with Amy Grant’s help)
Close To You
Rainbow Connection
There’s a Hole in the Bottom of the Sea
Bellybutton (from Boyz in the Sink, the Veggie Tales spoof of all boy-band songs)

5 Things I’d do with 100 million dollars…
Pay off the mortgage and all other debts
Set up college funds for the kids
Buy everything my heart desires from Stampin’ Up!
Go shopping at the mall and get a whole new wardrobe from Janeville and Coldwater Creek – though I think I still want the jeans to come from Eddie Bauer. And get the kids and the Webmaster spiffy, expensive clothes, too.

5 Places I’d run away to…
Tokyo Disneyland
Knott’s Berry Farm
Mom and Dad’s house
Great Britain

5 Things I’d never wear…
Flip-flops (they kill my toes – geta do the same thing, and the tabi are supposed to help. Ha!)
Halter top
Ugg boots
“distressed” jeans (if my jeans are going to have issues and be distressed, it’s because I made them that way, not because I bought them looking like that)

5 Favorite books/TV shows…
Books: Bible, Nicholas and Alexandra, Pride and Prejudice, The Makioka Sisters, The Strong-Willed Child
TV Shows: American Chopper, Battlestar Galactica, Iron Chef America, Good Eats, Scrubs

5 Greatest joys…
good Star Trek novels

5 Favorite toys…
The color caddy to hold my inkpads that the Webmaster just gave me for my birthday
The new stamp sets I just got for my birthday
The crafters’ tool kit that I just got for my birthday
DVD player

I will now go check on everyone – they are sacked out in front of Sesame Street – and make sure that the Munchkin is drinking her Gatorade. Then I will enjoy the rest of my birthday. After my postpartum check-up at the doctor’s office, anyway. Yes, for my birthday, I get a pelvic exam! Woo-hoo!

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