Racking my brains…

I hate it when this happens.

So, the Webmaster and I are watching ER, and one of the plotlines involves a woman giving birth. For the life of me, the actress looks familiar and I can’t place her. I ask the Webmaster, we both think some more, and the episode ends without us having placed her.


So, off I go to the Internet Movie Database to find out who the actress is. IMDB has guest stars listed for TV shows, so I manage to track down the episode, find the character, click on the actress’ name and – ta-da! – she played Caroline Ingalls on the recent Disney remake of Little House on the Prairie.

I feel better now. Plus the fact that I was able to immediately place the guest OB doctor on ER tonight – she was “mean Peggy the Cookie Lady” on Everybody Loves Raymond. So, pregnancy and motherhood haven’t completely fried my brain.

Now I just have to remember to move the diapers from the washer to the dryer, do the dishes, make birthday cards, assemble my new stamp sets and the color caddy, clean off my desk so I have somewhere to put the color caddy, fold the white load of laundry that came out of the dryer earlier, vacuum, and keep the Munchkin from smothering her baby brother.

No wonder I couldn’t remember who that actress was.

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