Back to the grind

It’s Monday, which means the washing machine and dryer are just starting their workout. I have a dozy, clean-smelling Baby Boy in my lap (he had a bath last night), and one stuffed Munchkin watching Sesame Street (she ate a banana, half of my yogurt, and a slice of toast, plus milk, for breakfast).

It’s amazing how much stuff I can still get done with the two of them around. The difficult part is when they both want/need something at the same time – they both need a diaper change, the Munchkin wants to get a drink while her brother is eating, Baby Boy wants to be held while I’m putting the Munchkin down for a nap – and then it becomes a balancing act.

No wonder I have chewed up my hangnails.

This week, I must work on cards. The Webmaster assembled the 12 drawer cart that he gave me for my birthday, and I spent Friday night cleaning, recycling, and throwing away to clean up my craft corner. It looks so good now. I must get it messy again. 🙂 I need to work on birthday and thank-you cards in a bad way.

But for now, the laundry beckons…

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