Chilly weather

It has begun to drop below 50 degrees at night here in the Great Northwest. Last night I could see my breath outside as I talked. I love this time of year. First of all, when I am not pregnant, most of my clothes are geared toward colder weather, so I have a bigger wardrobe. Second, I can now use the oven without overheating the house. And finally, I am not overheating and getting all sticky because of the weather.

However, this does mean that I need to remember to dress the kids more warmly. When Baby Boy was born, the temperatures were well over 80 degrees outside, and I didn’t even keep him in a sleeper for the first few days – a onesie and a receiving blanket were more than enough. He didn’t even need socks. Now, of course, he has started to wear the onesies underneath the sleepers.

The Munchkin liked to run around naked – except for her diaper – during the summer. This, of course, led to adventures with fecal matter, as you know if you read this blog consistently. That problem was solved with long pants, and now they are a necessity for more reasons than just the cleanliness issue. Yesterday, she wore her pink fluffy coat in the house. I’m not sure if she was cold (she refused to wear her slippers and isn’t today, either) or if she wanted to get out of the house. Or if she just wanted to play dress-up. But she is in a thermal shirt today that is plenty warm. So far, no coat.

Warm weather just seems to sap my energy. I don’t know why. Maybe the colder weather gets me moving faster just to stay warm. Maybe I have just lived in Washington state my whole life (except for the three months I lived in Tokyo in 1997) and have acclimated to the climate a little too much.

But here I am, and here I will most likely stay. I think I’ll go bake something now.

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