Feeling broke

I just paid seven bills. Yuck.

I spent over $80 on groceries yesterday because we haven’t been grocery shopping (except for milk and bread) for two weeks. Yuck.

I just did another Barnes and Noble order for more Christmas presents. Yuck. Although I did buy myself a birthday gift – the first season of Fraggle Rock on DVD. That’s fun.

Life costs money. I am trying to minimize our expenses to add to our savings. So far, not much luck. Fortunately, the Christmas shopping is almost over. I plan on doing one more order – on Amazon in November, since I am waiting for a certain Veggie Tales DVD to come out – and then we’re pretty much done with Christmas shopping, aside from a few other small things that can’t be bought online.

Even though gas has shot up appallingly, it’s not really affecting us terribly. We do have two cars, but I have a hard time carting both kids around by myself, so when I do go anywhere, it has to be someplace very specific – like Grandma’s house! Where people will help me get the kids out of the car. 🙂 So, I think I’m going through a tank of gas every three weeks or so. This is helping keep costs down.

We’re really doing okay. I just always feel bummed after paying that many bills. I promise to be more upbeat and normal later.

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