Life’s little pleasures

A quick list… remembering these things – and doing (or eating) these things – helps me get through the harder days around here.

– chocolate chip cookies and milk
– “Pizza Angel” – a Veggie Tales Silly Song which is an absolute riot
– chicken yakisoba from Yummy Teriyaki
– kisses and hugs from the Munchkin
– smiles from Baby Boy
– listening to Baby Boy coo
– hearing the Munchkin call me Mommy (though it does get wearing after the 50th time when she’s asking for a cookie)
– a good photograph of the kids
– getting my fingers all inked up making cards
– a footrub from the Webmaster
– hot showers
– parmesan chicken
– getting the Munchkin to eat vegetables
– listening to soundtrack music – especially Star Wars and Star Trek
– good Star Trek novels from the last few years
– taking my contacts out
– snuggling up under my down comforter with a fluffy pillow
– phone conversations with family and friends
– listening to the Munchkin talk on the phone

There are lots more, but I think I’ve made myself feel better just by making this list. Everyone go and think about the little things that make life just a bit easier to deal with. Consider it homework. Then report back tomorrow. 🙂

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