Writer’s cramp

Once upon a time…
(Yes, this is “once upon a time” week, where I will flashback to old stories and memories to anectodally illustrate my life. Bear with me.)

When the Webmaster and I ordered our wedding invitations, we also ordered notecards with our name on them to be used for thank-you notes. Immediately after we got back from the honeymoon, we dove right in. I say “we” because I made the Webmaster write thank-you notes as well. After all, we had received the presents, so why should I be the only one to end up with writer’s cramp?

I know that I wrote more thank-yous than he did, though, because we tried to divide them up in some kind of logical manner. I wrote to my family, our church family, and the people that I knew better than he did. He wrote to his family and the people that he knew better than I did. Our friends we split down the middle. Since our wedding was quite packed out, we had many notes to write, and I addressed all the envelopes and made nice little his and hers stacks. His was smaller than hers, but guess who finished first?

Of course, he didn’t have his mother standing over him cracking the whip to get them done within three months or else, either. Well, it really wasn’t that bad. But she did keep after me until they were done. We were married in August and had all of our thank-yous done by Thanksgiving. Not bad, according to Emily Post.

Writing thank-you notes, as I have said before, is a simple courtesy. After all, if someone takes the time to buy a gift, wrap it and give it to you, why can’t you take the time to thank them in writing?

So I just finished writing a handful of thank-you notes for Baby Boy. The church threw us a baby shower this last Sunday, and since there was no mail on Monday, I spent the time getting all of the thank-you notes written. I hope that Baby Boy is appropriately grateful – after all, I’m his mother, not his personal secretary. Oh, wait, yes I am. And the cook, chauffeur, and laundress. Yup, that’s me.

I am glad to get it done and over with, so that I don’t have it hanging over my head when I see some of these people tomorrow night at church and next Sunday. And if I’m really good, I’ll be able to hand out a stack of them tomorrow night to people who I know are usually at church on Wednesdays, thus saving some postage.

I’ve stayed on top of the thank-yous and it feels good. I only have one little guilty secret – I bought cards to keep up. Don’t tell anyone. 🙂

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