Oh good, it’s not just my kid

What a relief. The Munchkin is not alone.

Yesterday at church, I was chatting with a guy who has three kids. His story is quite amazing – he and his wife have a son in first grade, and lost twin girls afterwards to a rare congenital deformity shortly after they were born. Within the last year and a half, they have become foster parents to a girl just a handful of months older than the Munchkin, and then were also given her biological younger brother (the two are only a year apart in age), and are in the process of trying to adopt them both.

He was telling me about the daughter’s potty training process. It seems that today she refused to go down for a nap (she sleeps in a regular bed, not a crib), and when left to her own devices, took off her diaper, pooped, and then proceeded to rub it into the carpet. Dad commented that he thought that she was deliberately trying to push the mom’s buttons. Well, it worked. The two younger kids were in the nursery tonight, already in their pajamas (not uncommon for many kids in the nursery on Wednesday nights), the older son was at Sparks, and the mom was home… alone. Breathing slowly. Gathering her thoughts. Probably thinking on the best way to feng shui the new stain on the carpet.

If I see her on Sunday, I will give her a hug.

My saving grace is that the Munchkin’s adventures in fecal matter have been the products of opportunity, not deliberate acts. Ever since that horrible, horrible day back in August when I made the decision to put her in long pants permanently, she has never once attempted to pull them off to go, um, diaper diving. I think I would truly go mad if she had done that.

My other saving grace? Diaper pins. If she can undo those, then she really truly no longer belongs in diapers. Disposables are great, but once a kid knows about the magic of Velcro, it’s all over.

I know that other kids have played with their poop before mine did, and will after mine no longer has the urge to do so. It’s just nice to know that someone else is going through it right now, too.

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