Tales from the weekend, part 1

Friday afternoon…

My grandmother hosted a small tea at her home in honor of Baby Boy. It also happened to be her birthday. My mother and sister were there (with Little Cousin), along with my other grandmother and some family friends. And, of course, the Munchkin.

Though it wasn’t a baby shower per se, there were gifts for Baby Boy that his sister helped open. Before any of that happened, though, my grandmother had a little something that she wanted to read. She said that one of her nieces sent it to her. It was a lovely little list that described what it meant to be a mother. It was very sweet and true.

My grandmother was sitting next to me, so I noticed that this list was written in her handwriting (which is quite distinctive, since she is left-handed). After she was done, I asked where she had gotten this. “Oh, Beverly emailed it to me,” she said.

“Grandma, you wrote this all down? Why didn’t you just print it?” I cried.

While the others around the table began to realize what she had done (and started to giggle), my poor, dear, sweet, computer-handicapped grandmother said, “Well, I think I’m out of ink, and I’m not sure which buttons I have to push to print something anyway, so writing it all down was easier.”

My mother looked at me and said, “This goes on the blog.”

I said to my grandmother, “Wait until Linda finds out what you did.”

My grandmother said, “Oh, dear,” as she laughed. Linda, another niece, is who gave my grandparents the computer and helped get them set up, and then the Webmaster took over as tech support.

Linda, do you see what we have to put up with??? 🙂

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