Tales from the weekend, part 2

Saturday evening…

Our church had their first-ever Fall Festival. We even had a square-dance caller. There was kettle korn, corn on the cob, barbeque and pies, Jones Soda, and a cakewalk.

I sat in the main sanctuary all evening watching our stuff with Baby Boy.

Now, to be fair, our pastor’s wife took him while the Webmaster and I ate and tried to feed the Munchkin (half a corn muffin and lemonade and some root beer – that’s all she had all evening). The barbeque was very very good. But with two kids, the diaper bag is an ever-present necessity. Plus my niece’s diaper bag, purses, and our camera. So someone had to watch everything, and since Baby Boy isn’t old enough to participate in the fun, we sat on the sidelines.

Most of the major activity happened in the sanctuary, so I got to see most of the action. Friend and Doc also came and brought the Brain and Head. The Munchkin and Head (who is walking now!) danced together to the live music while the Webmaster sang with the choir. Then the Webmaster, Friend and Doc took all the kids to the bouncy house that was set up outside.

Let’s just say that patience is not a word in the Munchkin’s vocabulary. She doesn’t understand having to wait to get in. Then she doesn’t understand what “only five minutes” means. Do you think that she wanted to get out?

We got home around 9 pm and hosed off the Munchkin in the bathtub, and sent her to bed. She was just plain worn out. So were we. And I hadn’t even done much except hold the baby! But I think the whole event was a big hit. Next year, though, I plan on doing more meandering around. And getting some of that corn on the cob.

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