Sweet, sweet sleep

Baby Boy slept through the night yesterday!!!

When I say “yesterday” I really do mean it. He went to sleep just before 2 am and woke up shortly after 9 am. With a dry diaper.

I just might potty-train him first at this rate.

I consider seven solid hours a full night of sleep. However, he then went on to catnap most of the day away, which made me nervous. I have yet to see what he will do now.

His sister took a two and a half hour nap in the afternoon/early evening, too. So we were all happy, well-rested people yesterday evening. We didn’t even need TV to be happy – that is, until Mommy needed to do dishes. Then Veggie Tales paid a visit.

I can handle this two kids thing if they’ll just let me sleep. I love my son so much for giving me a night of sleep – I’m so happy I could feed him chocolate. How ’bout I eat the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups for you, okay? You can have them secondhand, Baby Boy.

Prediction: My father says he’ll never sleep through the night again until he’s a year old. Please Lord God, let him be wrong.

Update: Baby Boy went to bed at 1:30, woke up at 5, fell back asleep after eating, woke up for another snack at 7, and then woke up for good around 9:30. I am sleepy…

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