The other blog

I’ve been meaning to promote this over here, too, but I’ve been both busy and sleep-deprived.

My friend Juliet, also known as Girl With Flat Hat, has created a new blog, De Re Coquinaria, which she invited me to be a contributor to. It is a recipe-sharing forum. So far, I’ve posted three recipes, and my goal is to put a new one on there at least once a week. It is interesting to see what we have chosen to post. Juliet handles the very Italian, classical dishes, while I have gone from posting a dessert to a Crock Pot main dish to a Thanksgiving side dish. I pick the recipe as the mood strikes me.

Speaking of which, if there is a particular recipe that you want from me, let me know and I will happily post it on that blog. Except for funyu chicken, of course. That is only shared with family. 🙂 I’m kidding. Sort of. That recipe needs a hands-on tutorial.

So check it out. It’s fun, fattening, and a complete departure from all the craziness on this blog.

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