No time left – panic now!!!

I looked at the calendar for the rest of the year and made this stunning pronouncement to the Webmaster: “If we are going to paint the second bedroom before we move the Munchkin into it, it has to be this weekend. Everything else from then on out is shot.”

Yes, it is true. While there are weekends in December that haven’t been claimed yet (though we are still waiting to hear from Carter’s Mom to see when a certain party will be), who wants to paint a bedroom during December?!? I mean, really. I’ve only got 50 million other things to do in that time frame. Like wrap presents, keeping the Munchkin from unwrapping presents, decorating the tree, keeping the Munchkin from taking the ornaments off the tree, baking cookies, keeping the Munchkin from getting into the cookies… you get the idea.

Our plan has been to move the Munchkin into a twin-sized bed sometime around her second birthday. That happens to be two days after Christmas. The current plan is this:
– Pay my sister to watch kids while I clean up the room Thursday afternoon
– Buy bed rail at Target tomorrow after eye doctor appointment
– Buy paint at Home Depot sometime before Saturday (including one can of plain white eggshell to do the ceiling with as well)
– Pay my sister to watch kids Saturday while the Webmaster and I paint
– Let room dry, using bowls of vinegar to take the paint smell out of the room
– Install new IKEA bookcase in room, getting rid of old one that was the Webmaster’s college bookcase
– Take desk out of room, making room for toys and other Munchkin stuff
– Clear out closet of Christmas decor, storing in hall closet or garage
– Clean out garage, someday (Hey, I can dream!)
– Get dust ruffle, new bedspread, and curtains my mother made installed in room
– Start having the Munchkin take naps in bed, thus warming her up to sleeping in the twin bed full-time
– Get Baby Boy out of our room and into crib
– Potty-train the Munchkin
… okay, I’m getting ahead of myself…

As you can see, much to do. I can’t believe that the Munchkin is coming up on her second birthday! On a side note, I have been pregnant the last two Christmases and am very happy that I will not be this year. My sister-in-law gets that honor in the family this time around.

Christmas shopping tally: 80% done. Waiting for Barnes and Noble order. Place Amazon order soon.

From whom do I get permission to panic?

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